THE TOWN OF STEAMBOAT HAS A ROBUST FREE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM. PLEASE NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! Check with your hotel or condo for info on their private shuttle service as well.


The best place for passengers to catch a bus is at the Gondola Transit Center.  From there buses will be going to condos and hotels, or downtown.  The downtown buses are blue, red, and night line – downtown.  The condo and hotel buses are green, orange, and night line condos.

We will be adding extra buses on route to accommodate the crowds.  These buses should show up on the web portal, however people need to look at red, blue, green, orange, and both night lines to see the buses that are extra.    Basically passengers should select all on the web portal map legend. 

The purple line transports passengers to the hospital (non-emergency). 

Passengers can download the smart phone app RouteShout.  It will tell them the approximate time a bus will arrive at any bus stop.  They can have the app find their location and display approximate arrival times of their closest bus stop. is the link to that website.